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Natural Essential Oil

We are ranked top among the renowned Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of a comprehensive assortment of Natural Essential Oils in Uttar Pradesh, India. Made from 100% pure and natural extracts, our entire range of Natural Essential Oils is free from additive, synthetic ingredients and chemicals. We offer these essential oils in food-grade packaging and provide customized packaging solutions for the same.

Our entire range of natural essential oil is prepared using quality ingredients. Our range includes Camphor Oil, Caraway Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Celery Seed Oil, Cinnamon Leaf Oil, Citronella Oil, Coriander Oil, Cumin Seed Oil, Frankincense Oil, Geranium Oil, Ginger Oil, Grapefruit Oil and more. Our Natural Essential Oils are available in bulk quantities and at market leading prices. Also, we are the noted Natural Essential Oil Exporters in India.


Product Range

Ajwoin Seed Oil Coriander Oil Juniper Leaf Oil Rosewood Oil
Amber Oil Costus Root Oil Kapoor Kachari Oil Rose Geranium Oil
Amber Super Oil Cumin Seed Oil Khus Oil Rose Oil
Ambrette Seed Oil Curry Leaf Oil Laurel Berry Oil Rose Otto Oil
Angelica Seed Oil Cypress Oil Lavender Oil Sugandh Mantri Oil
Aniseed Oil Cypriol Oil (nagarmotha) Lemon Grass Oil Saffron Oil
Aqualaria Oil Davana Oil Lemon Oil Sage Oil
Basil Oil Dill Seed Oil Lime Oil Spearmint Oil
Bergamot Oil (javitri) Elmi Oil Mace Oil Spikenard Oil
Betel Leaf Oil Eucalyptus Oil Manteria Oil Sugandh Kokila Oil
Black Cumin Seed Oil Evening Prime Rose Oil Marigold Oil Turmeric Oil
Black Pepper Oil Fennel Seed Oil Marjoram Oil Tagetes Oil
Bosweria Oil Frankincense Oil Nagarmotha Oil Tea Tree Oil
Cajuput Oil Garlic Oil Neem Oil Thuja Oil
Calmus Oil Geranium Oil Neroli Oil Thyme Oil
Camphor Oil Ginger Grass Oil Nutmeg Oil Tomer Seed Oil
Caraway Oil Ginger Oil Olbanum Oil Vetiver Oil (ruh)
Cardamom Oil Grape Fruit Oil Orange Oil Valerian Root Oil
Carrot Seed Oil Helichrysum Oil Palmarosa Oil Vanila Oil
Cedarwood Oil Honeysuckle Oil Parsley Seed Oil Worm Wood Oil
Celery Seed Oil Hydechium Oil Patchouli Oil Winter Green Oil
Cinnamon Leaf Oil Jamrose Oil Peppermint Oil Ylang Ylang Oil
Citronella Oil Jasmine Oil Pine Essential Oil Yara Yara Oil
Clary Sage Oil Jatamansi Oil Ravensera Oil Zanthoxylum Oil
Clove Oil Juniper Berry Oil Red Thyme Oil  

Patchouli Oil

We are one of the famous companies and we do not compromise on the quality of the product that we offer. The Patchouli Oil that we produce and supply to our most valued clients is of the superior class. This oil is made in a clean and hygienic environment using quality ingredients. The process of production is also very


Tea Tree Oil

The Tea Tree Oil that we manufacture and deliver to our clienteles are of the superior most quality. As we are one of the reputed organizations we do not compromise on the quality of the product. This oil is made in a clean and hygienic environment. The process of production is also very hygienic.  The product is made of


Vetiver Oil

We are one of the celebrated Vetiver Oil Manufacturers based in Uttar Pradesh (India). We produce and offer our most esteemed clienteles the best class of Vetiver Oil. The quality of this product is obtained due to the usage of best quality ingredients. The chief ingredient of this oil is vetiver and the other ingredients


Ylang Ylang Oil

We are one of the noticeable producers of Ylang Ylang Oil and the oil that we produce is of the supreme class. As we are one of the reputed firms, we do not compromise on the quality of the product. The product is made of fine quality ingredients under the supervision of experts. This oil is made in a clean and hygienic


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