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Amber Oil

Amber Oil

The Amber Oil that we produce and offer to our customers are of the superior most quality. As we are one of the reputed organizations we do not compromise on the quality of the product. The product is made of fine quality raw materials. Amber is one of the ingredients of this oil. This oil is made in a clean and hygienic environment. The process of production is also very hygienic.

More About Amber Oil  
Amber essential oil, Pinus succinefera fossil, has been credited with numerous beneficial properties both physical and spiritual. The Ancient Romans and Greeks used Amber essential oil to cure ailments such as asthma, rheumatism and internal problems. Its purported healing powers have extended to epilepsy, jaundice, kidney and bladder complaints and even the plague. It has also been used as an aphrodisiac and to guard against witchcraft. It is now believed to be a good source of beneficial negative ions when worn close to or on the skin.

Amber Oil has a very vitalizing & tonic effect and helps in activating movement of Kundalini & electrical flow throughout the body. The original source of resin from which the oil is processed is a tree related to Jatoba - the Brazilian energy & sexual tonic. Amber has various names down the centuries, including 'Sunstone', 'Stone of victory', 'Adornment of the daughters of Rome', and 'Gold of the North'. Its English name derives from Ancient Arabia where it was burnt as incense and was known as 'anbar' or 'ambar'. The crude essential oil is obtained by dry distillation of the fossil resin.


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